Greg Pritchard 'Britain's Got Talent' Male Soprano Counter

Britain's Got Talent is getting a reputation for landing some surprise vocal talent and Greg Pritchard is one such find. This article is a few years old. I wrote it when Pritchard first appeared. But I called it then that the male soprano would turn heads and he still is. BGT has a lot to answer for, with their talent treasure finds.  First shy Paul Potts sang impeccable opera. Then frumpy Susan Boyle did Les Mis as well as Elaine Paige. Now young eye-linered, leathered Greg Pritchard sings counter-tenor, aka male soprano. Interestingly, he chose the Paul Potts audition piece "Nessun Dorma," from the opera Turandot, for his audition.

BGT judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan gaped and looked confused as Pritchard began his song in flawless first soprano. I'm second soprano and can't hit notes like this kid can. The emcees muttered between themselves, wagering whether Greg could pull off the astral notes toward end. And by golly, Pritchard not only touched it, he nailed it--repeatedly--in perfect pitch.

The 24 year-old hotel waiter from Wales looks no more like an opera singer than chubby, crooked toothed, sloppily dressed Paul Potts did in his audition. Sporting dyed-black, wedge-spiked hair, lots of guyliner, a little chin tuft, cowboy boots and black leather, I was expecting The Ramones or maybe something from Rent. None expected opera and definitely not pristine Baroque soprano opera. Greg Pritchard 'Britain's Got Talent' Male Soprano Counter -Tenor

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