10 Best World and Opera Singers

10 Best Singers Living Today
This is not a list of good singers. This is THE list of singers with heavenly voices. You listen to your music; I feel, live and breathe this music. You haven't heard music until you listen to these singers.
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How to Produce a Radio Play

How to Produce a Radio PlayRadio plays bring us back to the days when there weren't the visuals of television. Listeners relied upon their imagination and the talents of the 'actors' to produce the story in their minds. In this they must have been successful, because when H.G. Wells' radio play first aired on Halloween in the 1930's, it caused mass hysteria among listeners who were convinced that it was indeed an attack from extra-terrestrial beings! Let's make your radio play equally effective! Read on...

Theater of the Absurd

Top 10 Comedy of the Absurd Plays and Movies
Do you like parody, spoofs, satire, black comedy and silly, nonsensical humor? Then you will like these comedy of the absurd books, movies, plays and stories.
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Costume Essentials: Easy and Inexpensive!

25 Fast, Easy DIY Costumes
Need some fabulous costume ideas for your next production? Here's your ultimate theater costume guide! Whip up some fabulous costumes fast with these easy tips. Directions include 'green' tips for using items around the house.
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DIY Stage Props

DIY Theater Stage Props for Plays
Comprehensive list of diy design ideas to create your theater and stage props. Easy, inexpensive and realistic. Give your play or production the look of a professional play with these props. Off-Broadway, here we come!
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