Drama Mama's Acting Tips: the Convincing Sad Scene

I am a drama mama. I'll bet that doesn't surprise you! Not drama as in I like to stir up problems. Drama as in theatre. I have theatre experience, both acting and directing. I've play-written and written existing stories into plays. I've done costumes, hair, makeup, lighting, music and set design. From that I've created a series of method acting tips. Let's look at how to play sad scenes.   Drama Mama's Acting Tips: the Convincing Sad Scene

Kwanzaa, Congo Square Treme New Orleans

I get really weepy when I think of New Orleans. That city has such joie de vivre, despite the sorrows it's endured. Treme was particularly hard hit by Hurricane Katrina. All around are reminders. Foliage sprouted from flood water still grows on some buildings, like modern Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The original Mahalia Jackson Theater for Performing Arts was drowned in 14 feet of water. A new theater opened in 2009. Some areas still await clean up. Others will never return. Here's more on Congo Square, jazz funerals, Mardi Gras Indians and all that makes NOLA so "very different from any other city I've been to" (says my world-traveled friend).   Blessed Kwanzaa Ceremony, Congo Square Treme New Orleans - News - Bubblews