How to Get Gruesome for Halloween: Zombie Movie Make Up Techniques

 Halloween is becoming increasingly a zombie fest. Thinking of going zombie? Here's a DIY zombified make-up guide. This is straight from theater make-up central, your one-stop guide to ghoul-ing like the pros. I'm going to teach you some of the old ways of creating effects with theater make-up. These homemade tips are significantly cheaper than the pricey professional makeup techniques. How to Get Gruesome for Halloween: Zombie Movie Make Up Techniques 

Homemade Theater, dramatic play area, puppet theater

As a special needs and former Montessori teacher, my classrooms have always been organized on the learning center principle. Learning centers are rotational play areas were children perform tasks related to specific content areas: math, reading, science, art, practical life, dramatic play. When I had children, I imported the learning center philosophy into my home. The play room was set up like a modified preschool classroom. Got toddler or preschool age kids? I highly recommend setting up learning centers. If you're homeschooling, learning centers are a must. Here's how this Montessori mom designed an at-home dramatic play area.  Montessori mom: At-home preschool dramatic play learning center

Non Toxic Theater Makeup, Face Paint Recipes

Makeup is essential for theater productions. Facial expression and body language is as much a part of dialog as spoken language. Harsh theatre lighting washes out players' features and makes it difficult for the audience to follow what's being communicated. Actors with eczema, skin problems or allergies can't use some theater makeup. Stage makeup isn't always good for children either. Here are easy, diy recipes to make your own face paint that is safe and non-toxic. These recipes should not cause skin irritation. Be sure to test any cosmetic product on a small patch of skin where it won't show. Read on Safe, Non Toxic Face Paint Recipes for Halloween 

How to Read Shakespeare and Middle English

Struggling with Shakespeare? Hating your English teacher for making you read Middle English? Failing to see the appeal of the Bard of Avon? Understandable, but don't despair. Instead of putting it off, making up excuses or slipping poison in teacher's tea, use these tips. They'll help you vanquish that tragedy and laugh in the face of comedy. Perfect for English lit, drama and theater classes, too. Directors, use these tips to help your lisping actors speak out their lines with the verve of Lear! How to Read Shakespeare and Middle English 

DIY Cardboard Knight Suit of Armor Halloween Costume, Theater, Play

Putting on play? Cardboard is a drama teacher, youth theater costumer's best friend. Here's an easy knight's costume. A knight is a popular costume both for Halloween and Catholic All Saints Eve parties, too. For Halloween, the knight may be a character from Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, Beowulf or King Arthur. At an All Saints party a knight may be St. George or St. Martin of Tours. He might also be the Roman Centurion who helped Jesus and His Mother. Here's a DIY guide to make a suit of armor out of cardboard from your recycle bin. Perfect for any adult or child dragon-slayer. DIY Cardboard Knight Suit of Armor Halloween, All Saints Eve Costume