Free Printable Masks for Theater, Preschool Dramatic Play Learning Centers

Looking for printable masks for plays, children's theatre, or preschool dramatic play? Or maybe you're having a a dress up party with your kids, or students? Here are free printable Mardi Gras masks. There are animals, Harlequin, mythical beasts, Balinese, Latino, Tiki, Native American (for the Mardi Gras Indians) and gobs more. Print these and let kids cut and color them. Adults, you might want to try this too. I think senior citizens in nursing homes might get a kick out of mask-making, too. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!Print Mardi Gras Masks for Children to Color, Free (Adults, too!)


Octomom Nadya Suleman Pleads Needs Acting Lessons

 I know, you're shrieking, enough Octomom!! But I just had to process her court appearance for welfare fraud--you know the sorry saga--single welfare mom, six kids, has IVF octoplets, makes a masturbation porn video, gets busted for not reporting income to FIA. She is a ham actress through and through. Octomom Nadya Suleman Pleads Not Guilty to Welfare Fraud--And Needs Acting Lessons

Downton Abbey Mostly Downhill Abbey, Storyline, Actor Discussions

Downhill Abbey, erm, Downton Abbey season four is done. Put out of its (our) misery, mercifully. I exaggerate. But for such critical acclaim, superlative casting and lofty ideals, I'd hoped for more than a low budget soap opera. And not low. Highclere, top billed actors, period authentic costumes, props, vehicles--steep price tag.

Thomas (I refuse to call him Barrows) had chutzpah, but is now just an oily creep in whose tea you'd like to put generous doses of Ex-Lax. Lady Grantham is brain dead. We'll probably find she's a laudanum addict. Or was eaten by zombies in season three. Her eyes scare me

Maggie Smith is going strong, but how long can one fading duchess keep up CPR on the show? Isn't she like 900 by now? Read on Downton Abbey Mostly Downhill Abbey, with a Few Exceptions