Alternative Indie Songs Make Good Play Scores

I saw a production of "Macbeth" that was period-diverse--that's my term for "set in time period different than what it was written in." The actors used modern music to score it and played themselves. They used Lady Gaga (Bad Romance), Cage the Elephant (Ain't no Rest for the Wicked) and the Decemberists (This is Why We Fight). And I got to thinking how nice modern music, especially alt-Indie lends itself to play scores. This list might not be precisely alternative indie music, for you purists. That's just me trying to sound young and hipster. I have no idea what constitutes "indie" other than something about independent, So, like not under fascist control? Not living with parents? Non-gratis? (Erhm, highly doubt that). Alternative, I have no clue about. Don't think hipsters do either. I think they just like how it rolls off the tongue sort of important like. I know I do. Semantics aside, here's the playlist.   Alternative Indie Songs that Make Me Feel Good - News - Bubblews